I don't even know anymore.

I go by Ri, And I constantly come up with stories in my head but rarely put them down, since I get kinda self conscious about em. Animals are really important to me, but I may post pictures of dead animals for scientific sake. I also am a big fan of video games but I'm not very good. Sometimes I consider LPing but I'm too shy and don't have a fantastic computer

I'll be nice if you're nice, though I have trust issues so it's kinda hard to get close to me. Trust issues, long story. I get depressed a lot and a little clingy, you don't want to be my friend

I'll sometimes post my art on here, but I'm not the biggest fan of how I draw.

caught and trained all these Pokemon myself in other regions, and they were transferred via Pokebank. No blue pentagon. The pentagon legitimately only means that they were born in Kalos. pls stop telling people it means their Pokemon are hacked, it upsets people sometimes and causes them to give away potentially legit Pokemon.

however, if you see a Pokemon that only exists in Kalos without the Pentagon, that DOES mean it’s hacked, but that’s the only time when it’s an indicator
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    Okay sorry, but this is correct, mine do the same exact thing and they are not hacked, only ones from Kalos have the...
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    I have a bunch of level 100. One of those are my Espeon and Umbreon, which I got from pokemon Colloseum [edited]. I...
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